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The Holistic stages of Labor

By:  Whapio Diane Bartlett


“After a women has her first baby, SHE UNDERSTANDS. She understands instinctively how her body works, how childbirth feels, what she likes and doesn’t like. She is aware of what she wants and doesn't want the next time she gives birth. She knows what her partner is capable of, what she wants in a caregiver and how capable she is to figure things out. She also knows that she can’t be fooled. She doesn’t want to be abandoned yet she doesn’t want to be observed. And she also wants a caregiver who KNOWS...a caregiver who understands that she knows these things..”


Indie birth midwifery school

Bringing together the sacred + scientific. Moving midwifery into the new paradigm.

“We have created and sustained what we think is currently the best program for student midwives that resonate with the Indie Birth philosophy - combining modern research with age old wisdom, with a focus on becoming heart led midwives that can truly serve the family above all else.”

Simply Birth - Homebirth & Midwifery Products

“When you shop Simply Birth, you shop from a family run, small business. You shop from a business who is truly passionate about what they do. You shop from a family who is real, not from a big corporation. A family whose only goal is figuring how how we can benefit and add tremendous, genuine value, to each midwife, woman and family we work with.”


Mandala integrative medicine

“Here at the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic in Boulder Colorado, we work hard to provide health care with meaning and direction. Our tradition of service and honesty begins with a cup of tea at the door and continues with some of the best clinicians in the field. From Boulder's first green built clinic to our natural and organic pharmacy, from acupuncture to deep tissue massage, from nutrition to naturopathic medicine, we are here to serve you!”