“The placenta is the lifeline between a mother and baby and is considered “the least understood human organ but arguably one of the most important.” - Huffington Post


Placenta Encapsulation

I love to prepare placentas into medicine! I prefer to begin the process within the first 48 hours after birth. I can either process your placenta raw or steamed. Either way it takes 24-48 hours to complete the process. I am happy to pick up your placenta from your place of birth and deliver your placenta to your home. I usually steam the placenta with ginger and lemon, then dehydrate and encapsulate.

I recommend doing your own research to see if this is a good option for you.

Here are a couple websites to begin:

Placenta Medicine General Information



Placenta readings

This service is included in every placenta encapsulation, unless you opt out. Placenta’s are amazing! The way I see it is that the baby creates this organ and imprints much of it’s development and life path into the matrix of the shape and vessel placement. I read the placenta based on what I see and feel and record it and send you the Mp3.

“I have known dear Astrid for many years, and have had the good fortune to receive her Maya Abdominal Massage treatments, both during and after pregnancy. Her energy and touch are gentle, and the effects profound. She also prepared my son’s placenta into medicine after his birth. She went out of her way to pick up my placenta on her way home from vacation, and quickly and lovingly prepared it into capsules for me. She also surprised me with an energetic reading of my placenta before preparing it, and included a recording of her reading with the capsules, which arrived in a sweet little jar with instructions for use. The capsules provided gentle energy and support in my postpartum healing and recovery. She also has a wealth of herbal knowledge that she shares generously. I can recommend her services without hesitation, and the women who are in her care are fortunate indeed!”
— Jennie Cato, MD OB/GYN