Set up an personalized herbal consult with Astrid to learn which organic herb blends can best support your womb health - and optimum health for men & women.


Herbal medicine consults

Herbal medicine is at the core of all of my offerings. I am happy to meet with you for an herbal consult and help assist you in your healing and wellness.


Yoni Steams

Yoni steams bring warmth and healing. It is a traditional healing method that has been used for generations by the midwives, grandmothers and traditional healers of Central and South America, as well as throughout many cultures around the world. Yoni steaming is being revived to relieve many womb ailments that affect the modern womb naturally.

The yoni steam is a simple, gentle and sacred process. One sits over a pot of steaming hot water with a combination of healing herbs tailored to your individual healing journey and allows the steam to warm, soften and heal the vulva, perineum, vagina, cervix and uterus. The entire steam takes only about 20 minutes.

In your session I will offer you a drum journey, or you may prefer to sit in silence.