“Astrid was my midwife for my second child & my first homebirth. Her care was nothing short of a dream come true. Astrid’s mothering energy helped to ease my anxieties and find a sense of knowing and trust in my body and the pregnancy & birthing process. Arlo’s birth was the most healing and transformative birth experience I could have asked for. Astrid held space during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum so beautifully to facilitate this transformation. I still don’t know how to fully express my immense gratitude for this amazing woman and birth-keeper. So much wisdom! Thank you Astrid.”
“Astrid was such a blessing to our family! 
Astrid helped us to conceive through maya massage, herbal remedies, yoni steams and lots of love, after being unsuccessful in trying for five years. Our little family wouldn’t have been able to be complete without her!“

When my wife went into “This is it!” labor around 2 in the morning, I was ready in the way a dad who has seen a home birth before is ready. Just like the last time, I had food going on the stove. Just like the last time, I’d checked the water heater temperature, in case she wanted to get into the tub. I’d inflated the enormous yoga ball for her to sit on. I had the music ready. I knew my wife could do this — she’s pretty spectacular at birth — and I knew that, in a pinch, I could catch the baby.

But, the moment I saw Astrid’s car roll up the driveway, I felt the biggest relief of my adult life. That’s the moment I knew everything would be OK. From a guy’s perspective, Astrid inspires confidence. Forgive me, but some midwives can be a bit too airy fairy for my taste. Astrid knows how to talk to men in language they understand. She’s clear and plain in her answers. She doesn’t get offended by pointed questions asked by a concerned, antsy father. (We’re fixers. It’s crappy when your wife is in pain and giving birth and you can’t fix it.)

Astrid was AWESOME during our birth. But she was even more incredible afterward. Our baby had some nursing issues — a tongue tie that made it hard for her to eat enough. She was losing weight, and I was, to put it mildly, freaking out. I wasn’t eating or sleeping — I was running around town trying to find the best breast pump so we could bottle-feed her.

Astrid just… took care of it. She kept me calm. She kept my wife calm. She spoon-fed our baby directly from my wife’s breast. She made us breakfast and forced me to get something in my system. She called and showed up every day to check on my wife and the baby (and me) — not in an intrusive way, but always right when we needed her.

She’s very intuitive and seems to know what you need, even before you do. When my wife got mastitis, for example, Astrid had some homeopathic stuff already ready for her. She was here in five minutes. She’d anticipated this would happen. Stuff like that.

As a dad and a husband, I’m really happy we went with a home birth, and that we went with Astrid. She’s amazing.

— Eric
“While on my journey to conceive, I’ve felt so blessed to have had Astrid’s guidance and hands-on care. Astrid is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me to resolve several health issues.  Her background in herbs and women’s wellness has helped to empower me and has given me tools to stay healthy.  I’ve also received several abdominal massages from Astrid.  In addition to her amazing gift of massage, she has helped me to believe in the strength of my own body, she’s assisted me in incorporating ritual into my life, and she has even helped me to feel positive and joyful during times of doubt.  Each time I connect with Astrid, I feel like she is doing exactly what she’d been called to do on this Earth!”

“Astrid was instrumental in both my conception and birth of my daughter. At 35 I was feeling very ready to have a child.. Her clarity and power as a healer truly catalyzed the fruition of my desire.  Astrid then served as my midwife. Being long term friends made me rest assured she has the earthy, trust-the-body’s-process wisdom that I resonate with and a keen intuitive sense and thorough knowledge that would know if something were truly out of place. In her care I felt empowered to go through the natural process of pregnancy and birth without unnecessary intervention WITH the wisdom and watchful eye of an experienced and care-full midwife.” 
Astrid Grove was born to midwife.

When you meet her, you instantly know that she will be exactly the no-nonsense, calm and decisive guide you’ll need in those moments when you’re literally out of your mind.

And she will be. But she’s also gentle, open and incredibly intuitive — a woman’s woman.

Astrid doesn’t get in your business, but she knows every single tiny little detail of what’s going on. Every single one. And she’s discreet about it, so don’t worry if you know people in common.

Her memory about your body, your history and your baby’s development is phenomenal. She is laser focused, and she has the most capable hands you’ll likely ever see — or touch. When she expertly feels around your belly, her hands literally radiate warmth. There’s something very reassuring and maternal about that moment.

Astrid is a supremely practical person. She’s all about safety. As much as she’s a home birth champion, you know she won’t mess around: If you need outside help, she’ll tell you immediately and drive you to the hospital herself if she has to… and then stay to be your advocate. And trust me, if you want someone who’s not intimidated by white coats, she’s the one you want by your side.

I can’t remember how many babies Astrid has caught, but she has been doing this a long, long time. She’s seen nearly everything, so she’s not cowed by your age or certain issues that might turn others away.

I’ve worked with a number of wonderful midwives over the years, both here and overseas. They all had great strengths, but if I had to pick, Astrid is the one I would trust with my life.

In fact, I did. Moreover, I trusted her with my baby’s life. And that, I have to tell you, was among the best decisions I’ve ever made.

— Holly, Boulder County
“I had my Maya Massage about 4 years after giving birth to my son. For years, I expressed concern about various “issues” such as lower back pain, fissures, and a general feeling of discomfort. I was told over the years that “women’s bodies just aren’t the same after giving birth.” I accepted that...until my Maya Massage! After my time with Astrid, I felt more connected to my body and had some actual answers about what my body had actually gone through and what I can do now to heal. I am finally on a path of healing and feel empowered and connected! I am so grateful!”