“Astrid was my midwife for my second child & my first homebirth. Her care was nothing short of a dream come true. Astrid’s mothering energy helped to ease my anxieties and find a sense of knowing and trust in my body and the pregnancy & birthing process. Arlo’s birth was the most healing and transformative birth experience I could have asked for. Astrid held space during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum so beautifully to facilitate this transformation. I still don’t know how to fully express my immense gratitude for this amazing woman and birth-keeper. So much wisdom! Thank you Astrid.”
“Astrid was such a blessing to our family! 
Astrid helped us to conceive through maya massage, herbal remedies, yoni steams and lots of love, after being unsuccessful in trying for five years. Our little family wouldn’t have been able to be complete without her!“

“While on my journey to conceive, I’ve felt so blessed to have had Astrid’s guidance and hands-on care. Astrid is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me to resolve several health issues.  Her background in herbs and women’s wellness has helped to empower me and has given me tools to stay healthy.  I’ve also received several abdominal massages from Astrid.  In addition to her amazing gift of massage, she has helped me to believe in the strength of my own body, she’s assisted me in incorporating ritual into my life, and she has even helped me to feel positive and joyful during times of doubt.  Each time I connect with Astrid, I feel like she is doing exactly what she’d been called to do on this Earth!”

“Astrid was instrumental in both my conception and birth of my daughter. At 35 I was feeling very ready to have a child.. Her clarity and power as a healer truly catalyzed the fruition of my desire.  Astrid then served as my midwife. Being long term friends made me rest assured she has the earthy, trust-the-body’s-process wisdom that I resonate with and a keen intuitive sense and thorough knowledge that would know if something were truly out of place. In her care I felt empowered to go through the natural process of pregnancy and birth without unnecessary intervention WITH the wisdom and watchful eye of an experienced and care-full midwife.” 
“I had my Maya Massage about 4 years after giving birth to my son. For years, I expressed concern about various “issues” such as lower back pain, fissures, and a general feeling of discomfort. I was told over the years that “women’s bodies just aren’t the same after giving birth.” I accepted that...until my Maya Massage! After my time with Astrid, I felt more connected to my body and had some actual answers about what my body had actually gone through and what I can do now to heal. I am finally on a path of healing and feel empowered and connected! I am so grateful!”